7 Things I Learned in my First Two Weeks

Two weeks ago, I started as one of the Summer 2017 Apprentices in the You Name it Events Office. Each day has brought with it countless learning experiences and I am confident that this summer will teach me a multitude of lessons in the world of event and wedding planning. Here is just a short list of what I have learned so far:

1. Your phone will always be ringing

  • I am only with Leanne for about five hours at a time during the week, but during those five hours she takes at least one phone call each hour. No matter what she is in the middle of, she always greets the person on the other end of the line with enthusiasm and gives their event her undivided attention. This is a fantastic life skill to have, both on the phone and in person!

2. There must always be a Plan B, C, D, E, …

  • Especially living in Chicago, outdoor events have a 50% chance of being unlucky by default. It is essential to know your venue and figure out how to move an event inside without completely compromising the feel of what should have been an outdoor event. It is different in every case, but a positive attitude is always a first step in the right direction.

3. Be flexible

  • A majority of the time, the day does not go as planned. I have always said that monotony is a fear of mine, so it looks like I am in the right place! Phone calls, errands, crafts, etc., all keep me on my toes. As long as I continue go with the flow, I will enjoy each day and the “pop-ups” that come with it.

4. Know Party City (and similar stores)

  • One day, the Party City located near the office could not fulfill a balloon order that we needed the following day. Without hesitation, Leanne was able to list off the six balloon colors we needed-ranging from Sky Blue to Kiwi Green-to another Party City location. The entire process took less than five minutes and then we could get on with our day.

5. It is helpful to understand a Mac

  • As an avid PC supporter, it has been a challenge to make the shift to a Mac for work. However, after playing on my sister’s Mac computer for homework, I have found that I am becoming a bigger fan of the Mac. It is easier to organize various weddings and events and extremely helpful when uploading media that needs to be sorted and edited.

6. Get organized

  • By beginning to understand the organizational process of creating a wedding or event plan, it has made me compartmentalize other aspects of my life, as well. Suddenly, my planner has filled up with tiny details of each day and I have transitioned the To-Do Lists that only existed in my head to paper copies. I have found that the feeling of placing a check next to an item on that list will leave me with a feeling of satisfaction that cannot possibly come from keeping those lists in my mind.

7. There is always time for food

  • The title basically says it all.

As I continue in my Apprenticeship throughout the summer, I know I will continue to learn from Leanne and her fantastic team. I cannot wait to compile my next list with even more valuable information!

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