About Us

You Name It Events was founded in 2010 with a vision to provide the kind of impeccable service that everyone deserves. We care about what you care about: gathering all of your favorite people together to celebrate the joys of life. We are honored when people choose us to walk with them through their life’s most important days and we take that responsibility seriously. (But not too seriously because the best way to work hard is to have fun doing it…) We want to get to know you and want you to know us and know that you can trust us with your most important days. We care about the details, we care about the big picture, we care about the people involved and our work demonstrates that care & professionalism. Every client. Every time.


We only pick the BEST people, because we want all of our clients to have their BEST. DAY. EVER.



  • founder & principal event designer
  • pizza connoisseur (Deep dish is best.)
  • order > disorder
  • hard workin’ girl boss
  • best auntie ever to 1 niece and 5 nephews
  • BA – Carthage, MA – SJSU



  • sings & dances like a champ
  • YNI’s first in-house model (ask her about her fancy feet!)
  • when she’s not at work, look for her at the lake/river/camping
  • kitty-mama to Theodore & Eleanor
  • switched to the venue side for awhile but we got her back!
  • BA – NIU



  • Client Manager & Operations Director
  • smart as a whip and super organized to boot
  • problem solver extraordinaire
  • loved her own simple but super fun wedding – ask her about less as more
  • boy mom of 2 sweet sons , wife of 1 excellent husband
  • BA – Carthage


  • artist & painter with a great eye for design & style
  • YNI winter wedding bride – ask her why winter is an awesome time to get married!
  • boy mom of 2 great sons , wife of 1 awesome husband
  • can’t say no to red wine (and why would she anyway?)
  • teaches high school so she can wrangle even the wildest of wedding parties
  • BA – U of I, MA – NIU



  • social worker keeps everyone calm during the stress of the BIG day
  • makes a killer charcuterie platter
  • learned customer service through waitressing (no better way, right?)
  • dog-mom to an adorable pup named Griffin
  • planned & hosted a beautiful farm wedding that is featured on Style Me Pretty
  • BA – Dominican, MSW – IUPUI



  • mom of 4(!) kiddos, so we know she can multitask (Just don’t ask her for more juice, 100x/day is the limit on that alright.)
  • also kicks butt at her own business – ROUNDTRIP car service
  • also (side) hustles like nobody’s business as a online resale queen
  • master breakfast casserole & chocolate chip cookie maker
  • part of the inaugural YNI couple: her fall Hotel Baker wedding was beautiful


  • recent YNI newlywed who honeymooned in Bali like a boss
  • also works as Buyer for Ace Hardware
  • super stylish & looks good in anything but would never describe herself that way because she’s modest, yo.
  • dog-mom to a super cutie named Maya
  • just the right combo of sweet & sassy to get the job done
  • BA – Dominican University & MA – Lewis University


  • also works in marketing – consider her your in-house lunchmeat expert
  • the BEST person to visit a new restaurant with: check out her insta @NewJointCity
  • cool as a cucumber no matter the situation
  • can make friends with literally anyone
  • rocked her YNI destination NOLA wedding with a surprise Second Line
  • BA – Columbia College Chicago


Megan: Fall 2017

  • currently studying hospitality management at COD
  • digs planning with imagination in mind, and did so for her own recent DIY wedding (it was on a boat, yo! SO cool.)
  • moonlights as a troubadour. travel + music = Megan’s other loves
  • always has her home state of West Virginia on her mind
  • manages to magically combine free-spirit tendencies with organization

Special thanks to all of our previous apprentices for their hard work and dedication!

Summer 2017: Alex Seavey & Cindy Stella. Summer 2016: Flavia Briscan. Summer 2015: Marie Nicholas & Shereene Manimala John. Winter 2014: Jillian Martin. Summer 2014: Ali (Pavlik) Pisarczyk & Laura Zeller. Winter/Spring 2014: Taylor Anians & Emma Biddle. Fall/Winter 2013: Megan Miller. Summer 2013: Katie Arena, Megan Fechner & Jessica Huck. Summer 2012: Sarah (Pudell) Deeke.