Hidden Wedding Costs-Oh My!

For most people, the fact that weddings can quickly add up in cost is no secret. While it IS possible to have a gorgeous wedding on the cheap, most weddings do run into the tens of thousands of dollars. But how can you make your wedding budget stretch further? Being aware of these hidden costs can assure you’re prepared!

  • Hotel room: You’re probably already planning on staying at a hotel the night of your wedding, but what about the night before? Many brides choose to do so with their bridesmaids the night before to ensure everyone is on location for hair/makeup prep at the correct time and as a chance to bond. With hotel rooms costing an average of $100 into the multi-hundreds, this can be no small cost, especially for multiple nights or multiple family members! While you may choose to stay at home or a family member’s the night before or having the insurance of having everyone on location the day of, its something to think about!
  • Pre-wedding attire: Most people automatically take into account wedding dress, veil shoes, and tuxes into immediate wedding attire, but what about all those other pre-wedding festivities? When taking into account bridal showers, bachelorette parties, engagement photos, and rehearsal it quickly adds up to a lot of outfits! Be sure to be prepared to purchase new outfits or to rotate them through your series of events!
  • Marriage license: Don’t forget the legality of your big day! License costs can add up quickly, so be prepared!IMG_1648
  • Undergarments/accessories: So you’ve chosen the dress, but what about everything that goes with it?  A beautiful necklace or earrings can vary in cost depending on your choice in vendor. Or you might have the option of something beautiful and “borrowed” from a family member. The perfect veil is also something to keep in mind. And that fabulous backless dress you chose, might need a fabulous undergarment. 🙂Bailey_veil_front(saragabriel.com)
  • Tipping: Most couples choose to tip their extraordinary vendors after the event. See our tipping guide to see how much you should plan on spending: http://younameitchicago.com/weddings/tipping-guide-part-1/
  • Wedding day meals: While all your catering for the night might be paid for already you still need to think about meals for you and your wedding party the day of. This is especially important if staying at a hotel with everyone. Plan on having a parent bring something by or preordering from a restaurant beforehand.
  • Asking bridesmaids: It has become fairly common to ask your closest friends and female family members to participate in your wedding party in a fun and exciting way. Whether a custom wine bottle, a piece of jewelry, or taking them out to dinner it can all add up-especially depending on the size of your wedding party! There are plenty of DIY’s to be found online that can make this more affordable and FUN!ST_will_you_be_my_bridesmaid_scrabble(somethingturqoise.com)

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