Alex’s First Wedding

Day of coordination is no easy task! Oftentimes, it is easy to assume that weddings just “happen.” It can seem as though there was only a few phone calls made within a few months of the wedding and everything just fell into place from there. While all of those assumptions are completely false, that illusion is a result of good quality planning and organized execution of those plans on the day of the wedding. The planning process dates months before the actual wedding takes place, but none of it matters if the coordination falls short on the day of. With Leanne and the other You Name It coordinators as my mentors, I am confident that any day-of coordination I take part in will be a success.

The first wedding that I got the pleasure of taking part in coordinating was Sabrina and Sal Jaramillo’s beautiful day. Their ceremony took place at St. George’s church, followed by an elaborate and eloquent dinner reception in the Metropolitan Club at the Sears (Willis) tower in downtown Chicago.

Contrary to what appears on the surface, there is quite the process to actually enter “behind-the-scenes” of the Willis tower. After passing multiple security screenings, Leanne and I were eventually permitted access to the building. It also turns out that waiting for an elevator in the 110-story Willis tower requires an extreme amount of patience and leaves plenty of time to devise a plan to divide and conquer the work load once we finally landed on the 67th floor. Although waiting for an elevator for more than ten minutes was not part of the original plan, we did not falter in our ability stick to the most important thing: the timeline. Despite these hold ups, all of the plans that were made before the big day fell into place because we gave all of our effort to following the preset plans. Due to excellent planning on Leanne’s part, the timeline was barely disrupted by any hiccups that occurred throughout the day.

As the dinner table got adorned with a plethora of votives and floral arrangements, the happy couple arrived with their guests in tow. As they all gathered around the table to celebrate the marriage of Sabrina & Sal, I could not have been more proud to be one of the people that took part in making sure everything went as planned. Throughout that day, I learned that day-of coordination is tricky to understand by someone who is not involved in wedding planning. Like anything in life, things do not just “appear” out of thin air, but are a result of hard work and discipline-something that Leanne and You Name It provides a great example for me to follow!


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