Happy 10 Years to Backthird!

One of our most favorite vendor partners is an awesome company out of Aurora that is run by Benjie Hughes. Backthird Entertainment has been wowing wedding crowds for awhile now – with both live and recorded music. Their DJs are personal yet professional and provide great service both leading up to and during your event. And their live music groups are unparalleled. Personally, I can’t get enough of Twin Strings – a group that plays contemporary music (Coldplay, Adele, Sara Bareilles, Imagine Dragons and more!) on a cello, violin and piano or guitar. Sounds exciting, right? It totally is! Perfect for couples seeking out something different for their wedding, Backthird does an excellent job of combining live & recorded music for folks who want something non-traditional.

As this is their 10th year in business, over at You Name It Events, we decided to help them celebrate by creating their very own custom infographic. What’s an infographic, you may be asking? Simply put, it is information displayed in a visual format.

To create this custom infographic, we spent time scoping out all of Backthird’s marvelous client reviews online and from those drew a list of many great qualities of their work. My personal favorite is the client who wrote, “They made our wedding sparkle.” Visions of vampires aside, that is pretty high praise.

Once we had our great list, we put those qualities together in a fun and engaging format, printed it, framed it and passed it along to them as a ten year anniversary gift.   I know, I know…so sweet. We’re good like that at YNI. Anyone who owns/runs/works at a small business knows that ten years is a BIG deal and worth celebrating. So cheers to Backthird and congrats on ten (!) years in business! A tip of the hat to you all!

Backthird Entertainment's 10 year anniversary gift from YNI