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Mason jars seem to have popped up everywhere lately: bathroom sinks, kitchen counters, restaurants, you name it. They are cheap, can be bought in bulk, and can basically be manipulated to match any level of event that they might be needed for. What might not be thought of, though, is that they are a great accent to add to weddings, as well. Below are 5 simple ways that mason jars can spice up any wedding in a multitude of ways!

  1. The Bar

In addition to being cute, this mason jar use is eco-friendly, too! By guests reusing the same cup for the drinks they consume on your wedding night, they will not be wasting plastic or contributing to a growing pile of glass wear that will need to be washed at the end of the night. Simply grab a straw flag, mark the name of each guest on it, then tie it around the top of the mason jar with twine and send guests on their way to the bar! The name of the bride and groom as well as the date of the wedding can also be embossed on the glass so that guests get a party favor to take home.


      2. Floral Vases

While this is probably one of the more obvious ideas, it never fails to decorate a wedding ceremony or reception in a unique a beautiful way. Mason jars can be filled with colorful florals and then hung on the end of shepherd’s hooks down the main ceremony aisle or even line the walkway for guests to find the ceremony location. They can also add a delicate centerpiece to reception tables and each jar can have a different flare to it if so desired.

      3. Candle Holdes

Mason jars also provide an easy candle holder to create a soft glow at each table. Either left blank or decorated, each jar will provide an elegant space for a tea light candle to illuminate. Instead of typically placing a candle inside of the jar, you can also turn the jar upside down and keep the tea light on the table. It is best to use a fake flame for this, otherwise the lack of airflow to the candle will extinguish the flame time after time.

     4. Dessert Bar

Mason jars are a great way to displace layered desserts. This way, each guest knows exactly what they are getting before they dig into its sugary goodness. There are also recipes to create mini pies-each of which can fit into one mason jar. This minimizes the need for dessert dishes, as well as giving each guest a seemingly individualized dessert.

     5. Party Favors

Mason jars can be filled with countless items should the couple choose to give away party favors at the end of the night. A mix for a popular drink can be included in the jar such as hot chocolate powder with mini marshmallows that only needs to be mixed with milk in order to achieve a perfect cup. Or, grandma’s famous chocolate chip recipe can be given away while still keeping the ingredients a secret!

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