Wedding Planning FAQ

What is your fee structure? Do you charge an hourly rate, flat rate, or a percent of the total wedding budget?
Our fee structure uses a combination of approaches since all of our packages are custom for each individual client. We have general ranges for each of our packages and those ranges are in place to account for variables unique to your wedding that can contribute to the amount of planning and coordination time we expect to use.
Most clients find a good fit with either our week-of wedding coordination, partial wedding planning, or full wedding planning services, each with a specific amount of time allotted to work with us.

What time will you arrive on the Big Day? How long will you stay?
We arrive as early or as late as you would like! We always stay until the very end of the reception in order to ensure the event runs smoothly and to collect any valuables or special items you want to be well taken care of.

What locations have you worked at?
We are proud to have worked with an incredible array of venues in the Chicago area and Midwest region – and we are adding more all the time! A sample venue list can be viewed here.

Are you willing to travel for my wedding?
Absolutely! Whether you are looking to get married out of state or out of the country, we are experienced travelers ready to help ease the stress of planning and hosting a wedding outside of your hometown. No matter where your nuptials will take place, we can work with you to plan a destination wedding you will love.

Why should I hire a wedding planner?
Your wedding day is one of the happiest and most exciting moments of your life. Imagine not having to worry about if the napkins were folded correctly or that the roses are the correct shade of blush? We can do that for you. Hiring a professional with knowledge and experience is a more than worthwhile investment. For more on this important topic, check out our blog series “So You Think You Don’t Need a Wedding Planner?”

What is the difference between wedding planning and wedding coordination?
Our wedding planning packages utilize our skills, creativity, and design to best bring your wedding dreams to life, even (or especially) on a budget. Wedding planning also involves using our knowledge and network to help you select the best vendors.

Our wedding coordination services are for clients want to handle everything leading up to the big day: booking all your vendors, your venue, making all of your decisions and everything in between – and then we step in to make sure everything gets done on your wedding day, and done well.

What separates you from other wedding planners?
Our clients are our family. When we look at you we see your hopes and dreams for your big day and treat your wedding as our own. We always go the extra mile for our clients and will do whatever is necessary to make your vision for your wedding day a reality that you, your family and your friends will always remember!

What size weddings can you help with?
From 50 or fewer guests to 500 or more, we are ready and willing to help with any size wedding!

How many weddings/events will you coordinate per day?
YNI takes on no more than one wedding or event per day, per planner. We currently have two planners on staff and one freelance planner who works with us when things get busy and exciting!

How will you dress for our event?
All YNI staff will wear neat and clean (but comfortable) work clothes during setup and clean up, and then change into standard wedding guest attire for the ceremony and reception. We work to blend in with the style and feel of your wedding and always plan to dress accordingly.

What are my payment options?
We take any cash that folds or jingles, all major credit cards and/or checks made payable to You Name It Events. We also offer for sale and accept payment in the form of You Name It Events gift certificates.

I have a small budget. Can I still hire a wedding planner?
Absolutely! Our excellent wedding planners will not only help give you peace of mind during the entire planning process, but can also save you money by introducing you to exceptional yet reasonably priced vendors, helping you trim unnecessary expenses, and even utilizing their own creative talents to help create unique and stunning décor for less. In many cases, the vendors we work with offer our clients exclusive discounts and incentives.

Can you get me discounts with other vendors?
In many cases, the vendors we work with offer our clients exclusive discounts and incentives. Sometimes it depends on the products or services you are interested or other particulars of your wedding, but this is certainly possible.

I am getting married in 3 months. Can I still hire a wedding planner?
No problem! We offer a “Let’s Not Panic” Package for those couples planning a short engagement or who need an extra hand finalizing the short-term details. No matter what your situation is, we love a challenge and are here ready to help!