To DIY or not to DIY – that is the question! In the world of wedding planning, DIY is sometimes a dirty word as it conjures up images of questionable quality, wedding party members running around setting up on the day of the wedding and other such unpleasantness! To explore the idea of DIY floral, we’ve pulled together 10 reasons why you might decide to do your own floral. We also contrast that with 10 reasons why you shouldn’t dive into the DIY floral realm and then as with all other wedding conundrums – you get to decide!

Believe it or not, this bouquet was DIY by Leanne herself for her sister Danielle’s wedding! It was her first time doing a bridal bouquet – talk about high stakes! Photo by Michael Novo Photography.


1. Cost savings

Perhaps the most significant reason to DIY wedding flowers is the money it can potentially save you. We’ve seen estimates that DIYing your floral can save you up to 25% in labor, delivery, markups, etc. 

2. Creative control 

Arranging your own flowers gives you complete and total creative control of the outcome of your arrangements. You can make them exactly how you want to and tweak them as much as you want (or have time to ;)!

3. Family/Friend connections

Maybe you have someone in your wedding party or in your family who either is a florist, has experience, or is eager to learn! Delegating this big task can be a weight off your shoulders if you trust the individual taking on the responsibility.

4. Memory-making

Having a family member or friend (or even yourself) prepare the arrangements adds a personal touch to your big day that you might not be able to achieve by using a traditional florist. Looking back at your wedding flowers, you’ll always have that special memory of those personal touches.

5. Bonding experience

Doing DIY floral gives you the option of making arranging the flowers a fun, bonding experience by enlisting your wedding party, family, and/or friends to help you. You can try to arrange, talk, share ideas, and enjoy each other’s company before the big day.

6. Inspiration abounds

Now more than ever, there is no shortage of floral arrangement ideas (hello, Pinterest!) and tutorials on how to arrange your own flowers on the Internet. Using these sources as guides to create your own beautiful floral arrangements might be your best bet depending on your priorities and plans.

7. Simplicity

DIY wedding flowers can be the perfect way to convey simplicity if you don’t want a ton of over-the-top arrangements and don’t need anything super fancy.

8. Appreciation

Simply knowing that you took the time and put in the effort to create your own bouquet and floral decor can make you appreciate your blooms that much more – and it’ll impress the heck out of your guests, too!

9. Uniqueness

Putting your own personal touch on each and every arrangement guarantees that there will be no arrangements exactly the same as yours.

10. It’s Fun!

It’s fun to play with different flowers, arrangements, fillers, and vases to come up with the perfect combination for your big day!

Another DIY floral by one of our clients who used silk flowers. We helped set these up and added the fresh, loose greenery ordered from a local florist. Photo by Brandan Gajic.


There are definitely both positive and negative aspects to DIYing your wedding flowers or enlisting a friend/family member to do them. Luckily for me, my mother-in-law turned out to be amazing with flowers, but without her, I would have been lost. At the end of the day, the choice is yours. Do what’s best for you and your wedding. Click to read 10 Reasons Why You Should Not DIY Your Wedding Flowers.