Thanks again to those of you who are following along our new blog series: “So You Think You Don’t Need A Wedding Planner?” Our third post took a bit longer because of some travel (yay! love travel.) on the schedule, but here it is: so enjoy, then share!

Reason #3: The Fashionista Bride says “I know my own personal style better than anyone else.”

Who she is:  She has had a subscription to Vogue since she was 12 years old. She tabs it, uses it as her shopping guide and carries it in her purse until the next issue comes out. Her bucket list includes at least one trip to NY fashion week.

She follows @InsideDVF, @womensweardaily and @NETAPORTER and re-tweets them all the time. Going shopping with her is a contact sport. You did it once, it kinda hurt it a little, you were sore the next day and don’t plan to do it again anytime soon. She counts Heidi Klum as a personal role model and never misses an episode of Project Runway.  She regularly pins stuff like this:

High fashion on Pinterest

Her wedding will be all about fashion, trends and…fashion trends. For her, fashion is a way of life, and her wedding will be an extension of this philosophy.

Here’s what I have to say to her:
Of course you know your style better than anyone else! The awesome thing about your wedding is that it can be a wonderful opportunity to share your taste and style with your friends and family. Fashion trends and wedding trends are often very interconnected. Concepts in both areas overlap tons. Think: color, light, texture, mood…

However, taste in one area doesn’t automatically translate to knowledge in the other. There are still so many moving parts and pieces to a wedding. The challenge of planning wedding logistics alone is reason enough to work with a planner. The best weddings aren’t just visually beautiful and stylistically unique, but also flow and transition well and make people feel great before, during & afterwards. A planner doesn’t (read: shouldn’t) just help you with one aspect of your wedding.  They should be there to help you get done what needs doing, whatever that is.

About our services for her:
Often, the best dressed people don’t do it on their own. They have people helping them: stylists who get to know them and help them define their style and accentuate the best parts of who they are. If fashion is your passion and you consider your taste to be impeccable, that’s awesome! It is one huge area where we don’t need to help you figure anything out. We seek to help you accomplish the vision you have for your day – not impose our vision for what we think your day should be. I once had a bride come to me about a race car themed wedding. (NOT JOKING.) Now, NASCAR is not my cup of tea – never has been. However, working with us means she’d have the best darn NASCAR wedding you’ve ever seen.*

The same goes for you: you pick the style and we just help make it happen.  We are the most awesome stylist for your wedding! Once we know where you want to go with your wedding, we are constantly on the look out for ideas and ways to enhance your vision for your day.  We don’t presume to know your style automatically upon meeting you. Instead we take the time to ask thoughtful questions about what you like, what you do with your time, what interests you, how you feel and what you think about your big day.  We LISTEN and we hear what you are saying. Then we work to help you find ways to express it in clearer, more meaningful ways within the context of your wedding. Instead of just having two expert eyes scoping out trends and styles for your big day (yours) – why not four or six or eight (yours + ours)? The best thing about getting ideas from us is that we are not emotionally attached to those ideas in the same way your Aunt Bea is. When she suggests you use her friend Frannie as your florist, it might hurt her feelings if you say no. When we suggest things to you – you have the freedom to say no for whatever reason you want to, with or without explanation.

The style and substance of your wedding should reflect who you and your partner are. Since we know that, and believe it wholeheartedly, that’s what we work towards in the planning process. We believe the best weddings are the ones that wouldn’t have worked for any other couple – they are so special and so personal that no one else’s names could have been on the invitation. Isn’t that what you want? We think it is what you deserve. That’s our style, and it never goes out of fashion.

*It also means I would have been learning a whole lot about NASCAR…honestly I’m not too sad that one didn’t pan out. 😉

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