Moving along on our so-super-long-it-shoulda-been-a-book (12-part – I know, it’s a lot!) blog series: “So You Think You Don’t Need A Wedding Planner?” brings installment #8 today.  You know the drill: Read, love, share!

Reason #8:

The Trendsetter Bride says, “I want to be original. I want our wedding to be a unique expression of us two and not some cookie-cutter affair.”

Who she is:

This girl is into what’s hot and what’s next. She gets the newest phone, newest car, newest clothes. She’s got lots of wedding boards on Pinterest, but they are all secret because she cannot stand the idea of someone else taking her ideas. She goes to others’ weddings and takes notes of what she’s NOT going to do. She’s not really critical so much as par-tic-u-lar.  She knows a whole lot about what she’s NOT doing – and that’s anything traditional, expected or “normal.” She’s seeking out venues that are off the beaten path – no golf clubs, no banquet halls, no hotel ballrooms – not for her!  She’s not into taking recommendations or suggestions from most folks, but show her that you understand her vision and desire to be completely unique and you just might gain her respect.

Here’s what I have to say to her:

That is so.freakin’.awesome! Our favorite kinds of weddings and events are the ones made personal by both the small and big decisions, the personal touches and the overall vision that reflects who you are. In fact, we make plenty of unique suggestions to all of our couples, based on who they are and what they like – whether its special music for a bride & groom who love to dance or unique ideas for you based on your style and personality – we enhance every event we are involved with by helping make it stand out from the crowd. It is better for you that way – you get a wedding that fits you perfectly.  While we are definitely all about you, it is also better for us that way, too – we don’t wanna get stale by reusing ideas or get stuck in habits from previous weddings. Part of what makes us creative types tick is the challenge of finding and implementing ideas that have not been done before or taking ideas that have been done before and personalizing them in a new and fresh way. My favorite weddings are the ones that would never fit for any other couple – they can’t be redone for anyone else because they wouldn’t make sense for anyone but you.

About our services for her:

Even the most creative person needs a sounding board. Often the best ideas are crafted when like-minded people come together and discuss, dissect, and dream about the possibilities. Every bride would like to believe that her groom, Maid of Honor, mother, and all of her close friends want to hear about all of the minutiae of her wedding and talk through every.single.solitary pin on her pinboards. Truth is, even the folks who love you the most will get tired of your internal struggle to decide between the chocolate chivaris or the gold ones. But let me just say this: we don’t and we won’t! We absolutely LOVE and live and work this stuff all the time. It is truly our pleasure to help you wade through your ideas until you land on the perfect ones for your day.  And on those chivaris: we’d go for the gold.

Now, we’re gonna give you a little break until Reason #9 comes in a few weeks. Hold your breath! Wait, no, don’t. That’s a long time with no air.

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Funky socks for groomsmen at the 12.12.12 wedding!


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