Coming into the home stretch, we continue in our series: “So You Think You Don’t Need A Wedding Planner?” It is reason #9 of why you think you don’t need a wedding planner today.  Our job: explain the reason, the type of bride it applies to and what we would say to her about her planning process and how we can help. Your job, of course: Read, love, share!

Reason #9: The Content-on-my-own Bride says, “I enjoy the process of planning my wedding alone.”

Who she is: This bride is utterly competent. She has planned enough time into her planning process that she does not have to rush through the process. A long engagement period has her stress level peaked at “totally manageable” instead of “off the charts cray cray.” She’s meticulous and methodical, working through the planning process like she’s done it ten times before (though, of course, she hasn’t!). In another life, she might have actually been a wedding planner herself. She thrives on thinking through both the creative and logistical aspects of wedding planning, with no concerns of any inadequacy along the way. There’s no risk of her exhibiting any bridezilla-like tendencies, because she’s already done the research to know that “Bridezilla” is not an effective wedding management strategy.

Here’s what I have to say to her:  It is completely understandable that you want to plan your wedding on your own. Solo-planning your wedding is an adventure you deserve to have if that’s your preference. Through that process, we are more than confident you will quickly see just how many moving parts and pieces exist in even the simplest of weddings.  Wedding planning might be more service than you need, but who do you have managing your wedding day for you? Lovely lady, you need a wedding coordinator! It would be a terrible shame to put to waste all of the effort and calm you have invested into planning your day.   You need a structure that allows you to plan everything the way you want to, and then on the big day instead of being the one answering questions and directing the entire event, you should just have one job: to be the beautiful bride. Trust me, that job is a huge one!

12.12.12 Wedding. You Name It Events. Photo by Caitlin Hazelton.

About our services for her:  Our custom service structure means you get all of the input from us that you want and none that you don’t – in a style that definitely values your preference to choose-your-own-adventure all along the way. Not all planners take this approach, so finding the right one and the right fit is a crucial factor to helping you limit your pre-wedding stress. If you are happy working on your wedding on your own, you need a planner who will respect that and not try to insert themselves into areas of your planning which you prefer to handle on your own.

Sometimes we hold meetings with clients who don’t need advice or suggestions as much as they need someone who can listen well to their plans, take good notes, ask clarifying questions and then be prepared to execute their wedding as they have planned. This is a highly valuable skill – and one that not everyone can offer. We can! Even the most competent of brides often gets through their wedding with one common regret: not hiring a coordinator to make sure they didn’t have to feel like they were working their own wedding.  Of all the wedding wisdom passed down through the ages, one of the adages you’ll hear most as you prepare for and plan your wedding is some variation on the theme:  “Enjoy it because the day goes by so fast/I didn’t even get to eat it was such a whirlwind/There was no way I could even greet everyone in the time we had…” Understanding that reality, the truly smart brides anticipate their own needs enough to have us on hand the day of their wedding.

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12.12.12 Wedding. You Name It Events. Photo by Caitlin Hazelton.