Introducing our Fall 2017 Apprentice…… meet Megan Taylor! She will be working in the office and helping out with our Fall 2017 events. We are so happy to have Megan joining the YNI team – she was a stand out from our summer apprentice interviews and it’s so wonderful that the fall is working out for her to begin! Learn more about Megan below:

Megan Taylor is a sophomore at College of DuPage studying hospitality management. Her interest in event planning started when she was a little girl planning imaginary parties and blossomed when she recently planned her own wedding. She’s always trying to combine her free-spirited love of traveling and songwriting with a meticulously organized calendar. From playing countless shows in her home state of West Virginia, she has accrued valuable experience in not only planning events but rolling with the punches of cancellations, changed plans, and problematic weather. She’s excited to get hands-on experience in the event-planning industry.

Photo by Hannah Kittle Photography