For many, home is where the heart is so it would make sense for people to keep their events there, but when do the disadvantages outweigh the benefits? It’s a great way to save money by not having to pay for a venue and you know you’re going to be in charge of everything your event will consist of but, it will be as stressful and full of work as any other event, maybe even more because you’re doing it all yourself! Here are 10 reasons to consider NOT hosting your special occasion or event in your house:


You have to do all the set-up and clean up. Depending on where the festivities will take place, the amount of people invited, and the amount of decorations you plan on using, it can be a lot of work to set-up and clean everything necessary to make your event great! If you hire vendors, coordinating all of those people to arrive at certain times and make sure they are comfortable in their space can become an unnecessary headache that a venue coordinator could easily handle. This is, of course, not saying it couldn’t be done, but depending on how long you want your list of To-Do’s to be on the day, it may be worth your while looking into a venue where all you have to do is show up, possibly bring in some decorations for the event and leave at the end of it, not having to worry about cleaning up.


You have to pick and create the menu… by hand. If you decide not to cater the food or beverages for your event, you could be the one responsible for feeding everyone (Yikes!). At least in my own personal experiences, I have always ran to Pinterest to find the most delicious, easiest, unique dishes but sometimes find out that they don’t turnout the way they look in the pictures and am left disappointed and without something totally amazing to serve to my friends and family. Why chance it when you could hire a caterer or go to a restaurant to get exactly what you ordered? Plus, less time you have to spend cooking/baking and more time getting other things ready for your special event!


You’re so busy making sure every thing is going perfect, you don’t get to enjoy the party too! Are all the balloons picked up from the party store? Did someone set out the dessert table? Do we need to refill the ice buckets and empty out the trash bags? These are all things you shouldn’t have to worry about on the day of your event, but by hosting it at your house and thus making you in charge, you may feel it is your responsibility. It can become easy to get lost in making sure everyone else is having a great time and forget about yourself and the memories you could be creating with everyone there if you weren’t running around so much.


Entertainment is your job. Whether it’s finding the most perfect lawn games or meticulously selecting each and every song in your playlist, it is your job to make sure everyone is moving, having fun, and staying entertained. Depending on the event, finding things to do can either be a piece of cake or the biggest challenge before the day. Certain venues may offer different activities that can keep your guests entertained all night whether that’s an arcade for a children’s birthday party or a country club that has a dance floor for a holiday party. Either way, it’s important to consider before deciding where to host your event, whether you want this to be a part of your day.


There are some things you can’t do at home. You wanted to host over 200 people for this event? Well, you probably can’t fit all those people into a backyard or living room. Certain aspects such as capacity and the overall target audience may not be appropriate for a home setting event. It certainly depends on the types of guests you have invited and your home, but a corporate event may not feel as comfortable in your home as it may be in a private dining room at a restaurant or conference room at a hotel. Some activities and themes may be better suited for a venue, which is dependent on your situation.


Ultimately, it is your decision whether you want to host your event at your home, these are simply possible issues to consider before making that commitment!