I’m a wedding & event planner. Funny thing about that, though. People don’t immediately know that when they meet me, so sometimes they say things they might not otherwise say if they knew that was my chosen career field.  Insert-foot-directly-in-mouth type things. Happens all the time.

Recently, one of those moments happened. No, I’m not going to tell you who said what. (Actually, I’m not sure that I even remember at this point. Wonderful knack I have for letting the bad stuff roll off easy when it’s said by someone I’ve just met.)

But I will tell you what happened afterwards: The idea occurred to me that not everyone loves the idea of working with a planner (or coordinator) for their weddings and events. I know, right? How could that be?? I know how awesome working with me is – I do it every day. My previous clients know how awesome working with me is – they say so in their kindly and thoughtfully worded reviews. (Find them here on theknot.com and here on weddingwire.com. And of course, my continued thanks to those folks for sharing their warm and welcome feedback!)

Alas, there are some skeptics out there and I want to give those folks some food for thought. So I decided to gather some information. First place I went: Facebook (obviously.) I asked friends, family & acquaintances to share some common reasons why one would NOT want to work with someone as awesome and wonderful as me. 😉

Through this extremely scientific method I collected both common and not-so-common objections to having a wedding planner involved in your wedding, and of course, I want to share them with you!  I’ll also share my thoughts on each…and we’ll have ourselves a nice little blog series, how does that sound? Tune in tomorrow for the very first post! (Click here to go right to it!)

Have a wonderful day!