What an ambitious journey this has been! Sometimes projects seem – in theory – to be super simple, manageable and like they will be finished in no time at all. This project was one of those…and actually turned out to be a months-long adventure that took some twists and turns along the way! Here it is, though, the twelfth and final reason in our “So You Think You Don’t Need a Wedding Planner?” series. Enjoy!

Reason #12: The My-life-is-a-romantic-comedy bride says, “I don’t want a wedding planner stealing my husband-to-be!”

Who she is: This bride* is famous for her fun career, great dance skills, judging on American Idol and her well-developed tush.  She doesn’t like any but the brown M&Ms, plays Scrabble with seniors for fun and enjoys movies and dancing in the park.  She’s fashionable and friendly, but always professional. She’s got a thing for supersmooth hair and touched up lipstick and is accompanied in her adventures by a funny, blonde sidekick – who doesn’t need one of those?? (I’ve got one and she’s the best. Hugs, Sarah!) She loves her shoes enough to risk her life for them. Boy, can I understand that! She’s not too great at horseback riding, so should probably avoid that.  She’s also known for her role in a fabulous work of fiction on film called “The Wedding Planner.”

Here’s what I have to say to her:  As far as I know, this only happens in the movies. No Jennifer Lopez over here. We spend most of our time with the bride anyway 😉 If you know of a story where this happened in real life, we’d love to hear more about it!

Cover of "The Wedding Planner"

About our services for her:  In case the twelve other posts in this series have failed to communicate this thoroughly, we are all about making our clients happy.  We do everything possible to ensure that working with us is a positive experience and leads to a memorable wedding day that far exceeds your expectations. If you have any curiosities or doubts about what working with a wedding planner would be like – we understand! Trusting someone with one of the biggest days of your life is a big deal.  In crafting your wedding planning package – it should fit – fit your vision, fit your budget, fit you. If you have not found that great fit yet, we encourage you not to give up. Keep looking and your persistence will pay off.  While we’d love to say that we are one-size-fits-all, it simply would not be true. No company is. We are, however, proud to say that we have worked with a wonderful variety of clients and would love to work with you if the fit is just right. Finding a planner isn’t the goal – finding the right planner for you is!

Now that we are to the FINAL part of the FINAL installment, it is actually kind of bittersweet – what shall we write about now!?! Never fear, we’ve got some wonderful stuff coming up on our blog calendar and can’t wait to switch gears from this series to sharing something new with you all! Stay tuned!

You Name It Events, Chicago, IL. Photo by Peter Wynn Thompson.

*If you’ve seen the movie, you know that the initial bride is Fran – even though the ultimate bride is Mary. We could have described Fran here, but it was more fun to describe Mary. Just go with it.

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