No, no – we did not forget about our blog series: “So You Think You Don’t Need A Wedding Planner?”  Our super busy summer and autumn kept us from continuing the fun on this one, but we are BACK! Our fifth installment is here and will be followed by 6, 7 and 8 over the course of the coming weeks. Yay! This installment is kind of a “trick” reason why you don’t need a wedding planner but you should, of course, still check it out! As always, we hope you read, love and share!

Reason #5: The Wife says: “I don’t need a wedding planner because I’m already married!”

*Of all of the reasons not to need a wedding planner, this might well be the best. Read on to see why even she might need us!*

Who she is: She’s been married one year, four years, or 18 years…so why would she need a wedding planner?? Vow renewal, of course! She loves being a wife and is totally awesome at it. She might also be a mom, who is kicking butt and taking names when it comes to taking care of others. Maybe she works also and/or has some great hobbies that keep her life interesting. Through however-long her marriage has existed and whatever life has brought their way, she and her spouse have risen to the challenge of marriage and managed to stay together despite the odds against it. As a couple, both are committed to each other and to their marriage and (if they have one) their family. If that’s not a reason to celebrate, we’re not sure what is!

Beach ceremony complete with rainbow! So glad we placed the order for that!

Beachfront ceremony complete with rainbow! So glad we placed the order for that! 😉

Here’s what I have to say to her:  Weddings are really about marriage – and who says you have to stop celebrating your marriage after your wedding? Planning a vow renewal (or anniversary bash), large or small, is a great chance for you to do some things differently than what you did the first time around. For example:

  • Maybe you threw a huge wedding and regretted that you didn’t get to spend quality time with the folks who matter most. This time you could intentionally plan to host a more intimate celebration that touches on the things and people who matter most to you.
  • Maybe you felt like you knew what marriage was about and tried to plan a ceremony that touched on those things, but now in hindsight feel there are other things you would want to focus on.
  • Maybe you and your spouse have grown and changed so much together that a vow renewal would be a great way to acknowledge and celebrate that growth, while affirming and renewing your commitment to each other.
  • Maybe you didn’t have the budget for an all out celebration the first time around and now have more financial stability to throw a party that really celebrates the life you two have built together.
  • Maybe you didn’t have kids then, but have kids now and want to plan a celebration that includes them in special ways and affirms for them what your marriage and family is all about.
  • Maybe you feel like your wedding didn’t really fit your style, because of pressure from others, trends at the time or because you hadn’t really solidified your style yet.

About our services for her:  There is SO MUCH flexibility when it comes to vow renewals and this is a beautiful thing! Enjoy the freedom to let go of the traditions, pressures and requirements that come with planning a wedding and find what makes meaning for your life and marriage. We can help plan vow renewals that are as elaborate as a couple hundred person wedding or as simple as a special “elopement” for just the two of you. Either way, the options to personalize a ceremony and celebration and the potential to create wonderful memories are endless. Whether you’ve been married two years or twenty, here are some unique vow renewal ideas you may want to consider:

  • Plan a destination vow renewal! Last year, we planned a ten-year anniversary vow renewal for a wonderful couple that was held on the beach in Florida. It was nothing like their original ceremony (which was held in a courthouse) and offered great opportunity for personal touches in a place that mattered to the couple and that they could return to year after year to be reminded of their wonderful experience there. Bonus idea: do this where you initially honeymooned for extra sentimentality points!
New wedding rings made this ring exchange even more meaningful.

Updated wedding rings made this ring exchange even more meaningful.

  • Plan a casual vow renewal! If fancy doesn’t suit, then do something fun and casual in your own backyard. A potluck barbecue with fun, creative touches might be all you need to remind yourselves of the lives you built together by bringing all the folks who matter to your place for a simple ceremony.
  • Plan a fancy dinner party! At your home or at a nice, local restaurant – you don’t need to go overboard to make this meaningful. Bring in some touches from your wedding, such as cake in the same flavors as your wedding cake or the original musicians from your wedding and even a small party can take on great meaning.
  • Plan a surprise vow renewal! Who says you have to tell everyone why they are coming? Sometimes it can be really fun to invite people to one thing and then surprise them with something more! This is a great way to avoid guests being concerned with bringing gifts/cards, etc. which are definitely not required or expected at a vow renewal.
  • Elope! (With each other!) Your vow renewal is really about the two of you – so bringing or inviting a bunch of other people is not really a necessity. The promises you are confirming are about the two of you. If it suits you better to celebrate without an audience, then do it that way!

As always, we are happy to help with any of these ideas, from travel to casual events to the fancy ones – our mission is to make the moments that live in your memories for a lifetime – however that looks for you.  And of course, that means we are more than just weddings! We’d be happy to help with your vow renewal planning, anniversary celebrations and much more.

We also love referrals from folks who are already married – because they know what it takes to make that day pefect and can recognize the need for professional help to accomplish that! So married, engaged or single – we’ve got something for everyone!

Reason #6 next week and then we are halfway there!!

This celebration cake included the cake topper from the couple's original wedding!

This celebration cake included the cake topper from the couple’s original wedding!

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