Our super fun blog series: “So You Think You Don’t Need A Wedding Planner?” continues! Installment #7 has arrived.  As always, we want you to read, <3 and share please!

Reason #7: The Rebel Bride says, “I don’t want someone telling me what to do on my wedding day or before it.”

Who she is: She’s got no shortage of opinions. She’s used to managing difficult people and/or situations and is not intimidated by a little bit of conflict. In fact, she eats conflict and its little friend challenge for breakfast daily. Maybe she’s a lawyer, a manager or works in some other role that involves a lot of responsibility and occasional opposition. She’s not afraid of pressure, not worried about the expectations of others when it comes to planning her big day and regularly uses the phrase “Bring it on!” She’s an experienced problem solver and not at all indecisive, and will stick to her guns even if there’s a chance she might be (GASP! Never!) wrong. Though that has actually never been recorded…  She’s confident in the team she has built to accomplish her wedding goals (which she can articulate very succinctly), and you should feel lucky if you are on said team – it means she trusts you and has confidence in you as well.

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Here’s what I have to say to her:  You don’t want anyone telling you what to do? That’s actually perfect.  Makes our job easier.  You tell us what you want done and we will help make it happen. On the day of your wedding, you will inevitably need someone just like you who is not afraid of a little conflict and can tell your bridal party, your guests and your vendors just what you want them to do at certain points of the day & night. when you are busy being the bride. As much as you would like to both run your wedding and participate in it, that process just makes things more difficult for you to enjoy the day.  The beauty of having us involved is that we can implement your vision on your day in your way. We don’t seek out conflict or opportunities to abuse our role, but we are also not afraid to stand up for what we know you want and will do so in a way that is at once friendly and respectful but also clearly means business.  In many cases, we are able to resolve problems before they become problems because we have worked with a variety of venues, vendors and just plain people to have developed great strategies for accomplishing the end goal: your satisfaction.

About our services for her:  Our style on the day of the wedding is not to come in and boss the world around on the first go.  We approach our relationships with you, your family, bridal party and vendors as though we are all a team with the same goal in mind: your perfect day…because the truth is we are just that! You have chosen all of these people to be a part of your day in whatever role they are playing because you care about them, trust them and want them to be there with you as you make the commitment of a lifetime.  We only whip out the bossy card if absolutely necessary, and even then do so in a way that allows for the celebration to continue without issue. We spend a lot of time before the wedding getting to know you and your preferences because it really pays dividends on the BIG day. We have worked with brides who describe themselves as “Type A” or brides who say they “never thought they would want a wedding planner” but who nevertheless enjoyed working with us because we approach things so differently.  You can still be a rebel and a YNI bride. We’ll just join you in your rebellion, of course!

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